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Philly Developmental, LLC with the generous support of





Music, Lyrics, and Book by John Cal

Originally directed by and developed with Rebecca Rizzio
Based on a true story and the book "Philly" by Kevin Coughlin and John Cal

The music of

and the Dreamer

Directed and Narrated by: Rebecca Rizzio
Music Director: Andrew Steinberg
Vocal Coach: Michael Culloton
Band Leader: Russ Peterson
Production Manager: Andrew Bates
Technical Director and Lighting Design: Cedar Remmen
Audio Engineer: Mitchel Rieth

Featured Vocalists:
Ayden Berg
McKenna Brye
Patrice Eakman
Michaela Grace
Arian Grollman
Calvin La Fave
Mya Lysne
Samara McDermid
Carlos O’Ryan
Clayton Perala
Jeanie Smith-Murphy
Drew Swenson

Drums: Tom Christiansen
Bass: Doug Neill

Guitar: Antonio Johnson
Guitar: Russ Peterson
Keyboard: Chris Gould
Keyboard: Andrew Steinberg

Musical Numbers:
Like the Dreamer: Ensemble
Someday Star: Ensemble
I Gotta Try: Drew Swenson
Turbulence: Calvin La Fave, Mya Lysne, Samara McDermid, Carlos O’Ryan
Get Down and Ready: Drew Swenson, Ensemble
Too Late: McKenna Brye, Ensemble
When You Really Love Someone: Michaela Grace
Love Please Find a Way: McKenna Brye, Ariana Grollman, Samara McDermid, Calvin La Fave
It’s the Money They Want: Carlos O'Ryan, Calvin La Fave, Ensemble
Loving Touch: McKenna Brye, Ensemble
Never Gonna Stop Believing: Ariana Grollman, Ensemble
Find a Love: Ariana Grollman, Samara McDermid, McKenna Brye, Calvin La Fave
I Always Think of You: Ariana Grollman, Drew Swenson, Ensemble
In the Night When Nobody Knows: McKenna Brye, Ensemble
Rock Star: McKenna Brye, Ensemble
He’s So Cool: Ariana Grollman, McKenna Brye, Michaela Grace, Samara McDermid
Everlasting Love: Ensemble
Starry Lights: Drew Swenson, Ensemble

I Never Thought I’d Fall in Love: Ariana Grollman, Ensemble
I’m Landing on You: Calvin La Fave, Mya Lysne, Samara McDermid, Carlos O’Ryan
One Step at a Time: McKenna Brye, Ensemble
Look Into My Eyes: Drew Swenson
Bring ‘em Back: McKenna Brye, Ariana Grollman, Samara McDermid, Ensemble




Thank You:

Michael Solberg, Julie Peterson Klein, Bell Bank, Concordia College, David Wintersteen, Petra Vanderford, Michael Culloton, Carrie Wintersteen, Theatre B, Dayna Del Val, The Arts Partnership, Judy Lewis, Fargo/Moorhead Community Theatre, Karin Rudd, Liana Hilgenkamp, Eric Johnson, Todd Wawers, Wade Iverson, Shawn Neisen, Mya Lysne, John Lamb, Candace Harmon, Jenny Samarzja, Riley Samarzja, Jan and Candy Rizzio, John and Cathy Pollock, Victoria Pollock, Cindy Larson-Casselton, Emily Welker, KVRR, Kevin Wallevand, and WDAY.

Words I live by….

The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society
thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.

Philly and the Dreamer was written to positively inspire and entertain all. Our success is dependent upon financial support of those who also embrace these values and goals. For information regarding sponsorship and investment opportunities, please reach out to

Rebecca Rizzio: or 612.412.8832

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