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musical numbers

Musical Numbers

OVERTURE - "Rock'n'Roll, fill my soul..."

SOMEDAY STAR - Everybody knows Johnny...

I GOTTA TRY - It's why Johnny writes songs.

TURBULENCE - The Plane Janes get rockin'.


GET DOWN AND READY - Johnny's recording a new demo and musical sparks fly.


TOO LATE - A good bye song for cheating x-husband


JOJO AND SCOT "CHAINSAW" AUDITIONS (instrumental dance number) - Tap is Back!


WHEN YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE - Debbie's audition song definitely  inspires Ronnie.


LOVE PLEASE FIND A WAY - Philly and the Band are born!


IT'S THE MONEY THEY WANT - Erwin gives Johnny some tough advice at the racetrack.


LOVING TOUCH - Phyllis shares her sadness.

NEVER GONNA STOP BELIEVING - Philly and the band rock Erwin and the Blondes.

FIND A LOVE - Because life's all about finding your passion and dancing of course.

I ALWAYS THINK OF YOU - Phyllis and Johnny try to fight the feeling.







IN THE NIGHT WHEN NOBODY KNOWS - "Philly" the band rocks the club!


ROCK STAR- From a place that's real and personal...  everyone in the Band knows it's their moment to shine.


HE'S SO COOL (IN A DIFFERENT WAY) - Debbie and the girls get "pajama party" and Ronnie's the subject matter.

I'M LANDING ON YOU  - Scene transition with The Plane Janes who know what's really going on :).

STARRY LIGHTS - After some thoughts from a wise Nana, the night and Johnny come alive.


I NEVER THOUGHT I'D FALL IN LOVE - Phyllis also arrives and there goes the movie and the ice-cream.


ONE STEP AT A TIME - A deep moment for all.


LOOK INTO MY EYES - A new dream.


BRING 'EM BACK (TO ROCK'N'ROLL) - We can't just end with a kiss... it's time to ROCK!


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