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Scenic Locations

THE YEAR IS 1979. 

The story location is a blue collar, low-income,

inner-city, culturally mixed neighborhood.



THE STREET/ BASE SET.  Typical city neighborhood street.  Open space with an upstage platform/bridge extending across the stage with stair access from SL and SR wings and an onstage staircase allowing access to the bridge from the stage.


TAVERN/NIGHTCLUB.  Earthy nightclubs with a bar and some tables and chairs surrounding the band. Condensed as the TAVERN, expanded as the NIGHTCLUB.


THE BUTCHER SHOP.  A neighborhood store with meats and assorted groceries.  It's the local store where everyone shops.


THE FAT RAT’S CELLAR.  A Community Center and gathering place for all sort of unique characters and left over 1960's Hippies.  An open funky space, some tie dye, totally eclectic, like all who hang out there.


THE SALON.  Traditional late 70's salon.  Bright and clean feminine decor, with four salon chairs and a counter with a cash register.


THE RACETRACK.  Smoky, seedy, old-school racetrack. Betting window with a cashier cage, racetrack and betting signs posting horse names and odds, and a table where patrons are served.


RECORDING STUDIO.  Low-budget recording studio space with a recording booth wall and musical instruments.


REHEARSAL STUDIO.  Vacant storage space with musical instruments.


ITALIAN RESTAURANT.  Small Italian bistro with two tables and chairs.


CONCERT STAGE.  Base set with musical instruments, big lights and sound.

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